Masters in Mommyhood

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Masters in Mommyhood: Finding balance in your life

The birth of a new baby often triggers a mix of powerful emotions in many moms. Although this time may come with excitement and joy, many mothers also experience a loss of control, overwhelming feelings, confusion around sense of self, as well as a unique shift in one’s primary relationship. This period of transition is normal; however, finding balance and support is the key to mastering the art of mommyhood.

Why Masters in Mommyhood?

Unlike many other classes or groups, this group allows a nurturing space for BOTH mommy and baby. The group will help promote a healthy parent-infant bond, which is important because it serves as a template for future relationships.

  • Help foster the little one’s emotional needs as well as developmental needs.
  • Find a safe space to renew your sense of self and explore meaningful feelings.
  • Enhance your sensitivity, attunement, and flexibility as a parent.
  • Develop mindfulness practices to formulate your own unique parenting style.
  • Research proves that this kind of early attachment improves cognitive, social, emotional, and academic development.

What you need to know:

  • Maximum group sizes of four mommies and babies provide intimacy and a very supportive environment. Contact us for more information.
  • Pregnant women and partners are welcome!
  • Minimum 8 weeks; offered on an ongoing basis.
  • $60 per group meeting.

Contact us

Monica Berkett, M.A., MFT (MFC 53619)